How to attract media attention

newspapers on a table
Mon, 01/18/2021 - 08:20

As written media is struggling with a declining economic situation, journalists are less likely to be employed than before. However, it is still possible to have articles published in the media and to receive positive publicity for your mining cluster company. Prior to offering a topic for a news story, some issues should be considered.

It is almost impossible to precisely define what news is, but some guidance for news values can be given:

  • Impact: the number of people influenced by the subject of the story is essential. For example, the sale of a zinc plant technology worth of 100 million euros brings employment. The reopening of a closed mine will have the same result;
  • Timeliness: remember to make the story public before it is too old, which may already happen in a few days;
  • Proximity: an employee participating in charity activities, an owl nesting in a production hall of the mine (true story!) are all news for local newspapers. These types of stories bring good publicity for the company as well;
  • Currency: stories that are in the public concern such as environmental issues have more news value. Stories concerning fossil-free mining or dealing with battery metals bring positive publicity to your company.

The easiest way to proceed is to utilize the company’s web pages and share it briefly in social media. If the subject is broader and more complicated, it is advisable to compile a press release with the facts, including answers to what, where and when happened and with what impact. Remember to add contact info and photos when possible. Another way is to contact journalists directly.  If possible, do not forget to mention that “this issue has not been published before”, which will attract the attention of journalists. Everybody wants scoops.

The publication of the story depends on many issues, such as what are the competing news of that day and preferences of the managing editor. If you hesitate whether to publish a press release, it is usually better to go for it. Even if your story is not published that time, journalists may remember you and interview you later. Also, remember that the media need stories.

Marko Mannila
Communication Advisor

Mining Finland