Mining Finland and MSTA of Canada will Cooperate in the International Markets

Cheers!  Remotely celebrating the memorandum Harry Sandström of Mining Finland (upper left), Ryan McEachern of MSTA (upper right) and Ari Elo of Finnopool.

Mining Finland and The Mining Suppliers Trade Association Canada (MSTA) have signed a Memorandum of Understanding for developing the co-operation of the organizations in Canadian, Finnish, and particularly on international mining markets.

The goal of this MoU is to formalize the intent by MSTA CANADA and Mining Finland to collaborate with each other to develop strategies that will identify commercial opportunities that are mutually beneficial to the member companies of each organization. During the year workshops will be arranged to match Canadian and Finnish suppliers in selected and focused technology areas.

We are on the cusp of what many consider to be another commodity super cycle driven by demand from battery electric vehicles, climate change, and critical mineral supply chain initiatives. This will provide significant opportunities globally and under a more scrutinized lens of ESG (environment, social, and governance). Canada and Finland are well-recognized countries for their expertise in the mining and exploration ecosystem and it is with this context, that MSTA CANADA is very pleased to be working with Mining Finland to look for collaborative commercial synergies between our members”, Managing Director Ryan McEachern of MSTA says.

There are globally a lot of challenges in mining industry to be solved. The supply of critical raw materials, carbon neutrality, traceability of mineral products, digitalization of operations as examples. Canadian and Finnish mining technologies and know-how are internationally recognized, countries are excellent mining jurisdictions where development of sustainable mining has been on top of the agenda. Considering additionally that the countries have different channels of influence in the market, the Canadian-Finnish match is perfect”, CEO Harry Sandström of Mining Finland says.