Mining Finland is a co-operation association for mining ecosystem actors in Finland aiming to

  • Enhance co-operation and networking among the industry actors in the field of R&D and business development
  • Promote member organizations´ technology, service and product export from Finland
  • Gather and deliver information of domestic and international business opportunities within mining industry
  • Promote Finland as a mining investment target for international investors
  • Facilitate member organizations´ international networking and partnering
  • Facilitate commercialization of innovations and creation of new start-ups


Mining Finland membership

Mining Finland membership is for private and public organizations that have business or activities in mining sector in Finland or export mining technology and services from Finland. Mining Finland also welcomes members from industries servicing the mining sector, e.g. law firms or communications agencies.

Current members cover the entire mining value and supply chain and consist of:

  • From start ups to large size (>> 100 million euros) private technology and service companies
  • Junior mining companies
  • Universities
  • Research organizations
  • Regional development companies


Mining Finland activities

  • Organizing domestic and international seminars and workshops
  • Organizing joint domestic and international trade show delegations
  • Publishing news of member organizations´ activities and achievements in social media
  • Gathering member organizations´ technology, service and product offering on association web site
  • Assisting in searching for R&D funding
  • Coordinating joint R&D project preparation and implementation


Mining Finland membership benefits

  • Networking with potential partners
  • Visibility on web site, in trade shows and in social media
  • Discounts on seminars and trade shows organized by Mining Finland
  • Information on business opportunities
  • Insights into mining sector development in Finland


Mining Finland membership terms

  • The membership is valid only after board acceptance and payment of the annual membership fee.
  • If annual membership fee is not paid after two reminders, the membership shall be considered ceased.
  • The members are expected work for and commit with the aims code of conducts of the association, if any discrepancy, the board has the right to terminate the membership.


Annual fee categories Employees Turnover/Ann. Budjet m€ Balance m€ Annual fee €
Large companies/organizations > 250 > 50 > 43 7000
Medium size companies/organizations 50 - 250 10 - 50 10 - 43 5000
Small size companies/organizations 10 - 50 1-10 1 - 10 2500
Micro companies < 10 < 1 < 1 1000
Universities and other education organizations       5000
Registered associations       1000
Other associations and legal entities       500











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