Data protection

Analysing and developing the use of websites

We use cookies on the websites of the Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) to collect data about the use of our websites and the devices and browsers of users of our websites. We use cookies to analyse the use of our websites.

We use Snoobi Analytics to measure and generate reports of the use of our websites to develop the user experience, content and business activities.

By default, the following data about page loads is saved in Snoobi:

  • URL
  • Page name
  • Screen size and the number of colours
  • Device type and browser version
  • Device/browser language
  • The user’s cookie identifier (valid for at most 10 years)
  • The session’s cookie identifier (valid for at most 30 minutes)
  • Character encoding used on the page
  • IP address

Processing personal data

GTK processes any personal data you have provided carefully and lawfully, while seeing to the proper protection of data.

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