Water and waste water treatment

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BioSO4 Oy is an innovative company offering environmental friendly methods for sulphate removal and environmental waters purification combined to supplier of high quality mining reagents. Our goal is to develop customer-oriented solutions from laboratory level to full scale processes based on long professional experience.

VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland Ltd

VTT is one of the leading R&D&I organisations in Europe. Our research and innovation services give our partners, both private and public, all over the world a competitive edge. We pave the way for the future by developing new smart technologies, profitable and sustainable solutions and innovation services. We go beyond the obvious and work together with our customers and co-operation partners to turn global challenges into opportunities.

Vodaflo Ltd

Vodaflo Ltd. is a company specialized in industrial water treatment. We offer with our Finnish partners a wide range of products to our clients. We can provide a full scale water treatment plant for industrial needs or help you with your existing water process. The products are tailored and developed together with Finnish co-operation partners and Universities.

Owatec Group Oy

OWA provides closed water circulation solutions for process and wastewater streams including metal recovery. Company provides also metal recovery solutions and service for the waste and side streams. OWA Show Room provides one of the largest testing and piloting facilities in EU for water and waste treatment and recycling.

Aquaminerals Finland OY Ltd

Aquaminerals provides state of the art and cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment. Our company produces and delivers tailor-made adsorbents and portable dosing technology with reasonable CAPEX and OPEX. Aquaminerals offers an opportunity to reduce wastewater treatment costs and improve quality results. Aquamineral’s products can remove effectively e.g. arsenic, copper, manganese, nickel and NH4+.