Mine On-Line Service

Mine On-Line Service for faster and more efficient exploration and mining:

MOLS provides geochemical analysis and sampling services and equipment for core drilling and exploration customers. Our services and technology will enable you to complete your projects in shorter time and with lower costs than ever before. Examples of products and services are below:

Scanmobile- mobile geochemical analysis laboratory for drill cores;

The Scanmobile, has been operating in Finland, Sweden and Norway since 2009 analyzing drill cores from more than 50 different exploration and mining projects. The Scanmobile’s technology consists of purpose built, rapid XRF-core scanner and digital imaging technology combined with real time reporting via Remolog™ remote logging tool and web browser. With the Scanmobile the elemental and mineral analysis results combined with high resolution pictures and rock quality designation (RQD-value) are available within hours from the work commencement. The quick feedback of the results enable the drillers to react to results while drilling. This results in faster completion of exploration projects and significant cost and time savings.

 Automated representative drill cuttings sampling by MOLS Autosampler, an automated sampling device for accurate drill cuttings sampler for R/C and blast hole drills.

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