M-Solutions Oy

M-Solutions Ltd. offers comprehensive ICT services and solutions that serve our customers in all stages of their business. We will refine the ever-growing amount of information into a big picture that is meaningful, up-to-date and easy to adopt, and helps enhancing the efficiency, productivity and safety of your business. Our expertise in for example systems, data management, enterprise architecture and ICT services will help bringing added value to our customers’ business development.

Data is one of the most valuable assets of a company and in the core of business development. However, in many cases data is scattered and siloed in different systems and processes. Our solution, M-IDIS®, is a one platform and a data warehouse, where all your data is in your own hands. With our solution, you can combine all information from different sources. Where ever your data is, Excels, systems, machines, sensors, cloud or processes, with our system you can refine the data scattered and siloed in different places to a one analyzed whole. With our solution, you can also efficiently meet different analyzing, reporting and integration needs in-house or communicate to partners and stakeholders.