Funzi: A global pioneer in mobile learning The Funzi mobile learning service is designed on a strong scientific foundation and human-centred design principles, and built using latest technologies and methods. This combination has been proven to produce stellar learning results and put smiles on the faces of learners, even in the most challenging environments. Today Funzi is a mobile learning service that operates on a global scale and delivers learning to users of all connected devices - available directly in the browser at, with no downloads required.

Funzi is an expert in the delivery of learning. It builds mobile learning courses from the existing base learning content of its partners. These materials are transformed into a user-friendly and engaging mobile service with a fast and proven process and mobile pedagogy - known as “funzification”. Course creation and delivery typically take less than a month, with no technology development needed to give even millions of users access to quality learning. Working with local expert partners enables the adaptation of the content to local contexts and needs.

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