IMPROVED PRODUCTIVITY! 25-40% increase in production:

  • Digitalized drilling and blasting planning
  • Classification of ore and side rock based on continuous on site analysis
  • Decreased down time  and fuel consuption by digitalized and fleet management and smart transport systems
  • Improved mine planning based on novel real time geotechnical measurements

Savo-Solar Oyj

Savo-Solar manufacturers the most efficient solar thermal collectors and based on those delivers large-scale solar thermal systems. With this leading technology Savo-Solar helps its customers to produce competitive clean energy. Savo-Solar's vision is to be the first-choice supplier to high performance solar installations on a global scale. Focus is on large-scale applications like district heating, industrial process heating and real estate systems - market segments with a big potential for rapid growth.

Stress Measurement Company Oy

SMCOY has developed a new method to measure in situ stresses reliably. The method is based on LVDT cell stress measurement method from existing tunnel or shaft surface and results in full stress tensor after solving the stress state using our 3D inversion algorithm. The deepest mines in Scandinavia (up to 1430 m) are using our technology.

Benefit also from our complete rock mechanical laboratory services that include uniaxial and triaxial compressive strength testing. Come and get your complete rock stress and strength services from us. We promise fast delivery.

NewPaakkola Oy

NewPaakkola is a design and manufacturing company that bring robust conveyor solutions to the industry. We combine design and engineering to provide efficiency, ecology, operational reliability and save your costs.

M-Solutions Oy

M-Solutions Ltd. offers comprehensive ICT services and solutions that serve our customers in all stages of their business. We will refine the ever-growing amount of information into a big picture that is meaningful, up-to-date and easy to adopt, and helps enhancing the efficiency, productivity and safety of your business. Our expertise in for example systems, data management, enterprise architecture and ICT services will help bringing added value to our customers’ business development.

Millisecond Oy

Millisecond Digital creates data analytics solutions for predictive planning and control of business-critical equipment. We specialize in harmonizing massive volumes of data from multiple vendors and system types – connecting different machines, environments, and individuals through standardized interfaces and signals.

Astrock Oy

Astrock is a private, Finnish company acting in the fi eld of geophysics. The company was established in 1994 and is located in Sodankylä.

Astrock provides geophysical consulting covering wide range of methods
from airborne to ground and borehole geophysics. They also provide
geophysical instrumentation and surveys specializing in borehole
logging. OMS-logg borehole logging system is used in mines all
over the world and is famous for its reliability in harsh conditions.

Tapojärvi Oy

Tapojärvi has specialized in factory services, mining and material handling. Our operations are a solid part of customer's processes. We constantly look for solutions that support the principles of continuous improvement. We employ around 450 people. Our operating area is the whole Finland and the Nordic countries. Tapojärvi Oy is certified according to ISO 9001:2008 -standard.

Sleipner Finland Oy

Sleipner Finland is a manufacturer of a safe and innovative transport systems for tracked machines: excavators, dozers and drill rigs. Sleipner systems can increase operational time hundreds of hours per unit, decrease maintenance costs considerably and reduce CO2 emissions and fuel consumption at least 85% while travelling. E- series is for moving excavators and DB-series for other traced machines.


Security and secured environment are provided by a diverse form of activities. Most of the security acts are preventive actions that aim to avoid various accidents and incidents of criminal activities inclusive of dangerous and harmful situations. Properly implemented security measures will ensure your company to continue uninterrupted business operations.