TIME TO MINE! 30-40% shorter development time:

  • Proper investment targeting
  • Geological interpretation and modelling
  • Integrated exploration and measurement techniques
  • Mineralogical characterization and benefication tests
  • Environmental and geotechnical inforamtion simultaneously

Ab Scandinavian Geopool Ltd

Ab Scandinavian GeoPool Ltd is a private exploration service- and product provider, offering a wide range of professional geological services in Fennoscandia and globally.

GeoPool provides field staff with years of experience in base- and precious metal exploration. We take care of all your needs prior to, during and after field work.

Astrock Oy

Astrock is a private, Finnish company acting in the fi eld of geophysics. The company was established in 1994 and is located in Sodankylä.

Astrock provides geophysical consulting covering wide range of methods
from airborne to ground and borehole geophysics. They also provide
geophysical instrumentation and surveys specializing in borehole
logging. OMS-logg borehole logging system is used in mines all
over the world and is famous for its reliability in harsh conditions.

Terrasolid Oy

Terrasolid is the world’s leading software provider to process airborne, mobile and unmanned LiDAR data and images. All the applications - TerraScan, TerraModeler, TerraMatch and TerraPhoto - are integrated with each other within MicroStation. Terrasolid products can be used for effectively planning and monitoring all phases of a mine's life, from locating a viable ore to post-mining rehabilitation.

Robit Oy

Robit Plc is a Finnish manufacturer of high quality top hammer products for rock drilling and casing systems for ground drilling. Our offering for rock drilling covers all construction, quarrying and mining drill & blast applications from soft to hardest rock conditions.

Ima Engineering Ltd Oy

Ima Engineering's products and services can make the difference between profitability and loss for an operation seeking to improve information used by management. In the mines and concentrators IMA cutting edge sensor technology and on-line solutions can reduce waste rock dilution and ore losses, and by increasing the mill head grade these solutions gain net profit at 5% to 10%!

Geomachine Oy

Geomachine Oy manufactures drill rigs for rock and soil investigation and mining exploration rigs for demanding conditions. We have delivered a total of over 600 rigs to 10 countries for challenging terrains from tropic to arctic. Our rigs are safe to use, user-friendly, cost-efficient and customized using our innovative technology.


Arctic Drilling Company

ADC offers high-quality certified drilling and state of the art drill rigs. Downtime is the common enemy and we attack that with improved safety, fastest set-up times and high mobility - even in extreme conditions. It does not matter whether you represent a mining company or a drilling contractor; our portfolio has the right customizable products to minimize the costs of your drilling.