TIME TO MINE! 30-40% shorter development time:

  • Proper investment targeting
  • Geological interpretation and modelling
  • Integrated exploration and measurement techniques
  • Mineralogical characterization and benefication tests
  • Environmental and geotechnical inforamtion simultaneously


ROVJOK digitises your mining operation.

We combine and interpret operational and financial data across the entire value chain, giving you the context you need to perform advanced business and data analytics; in near real-time.


ROCKPLAN’s services comprehensively cover the development, design and project management of a construction project, in the field of: Project Development, Principal Design, Architecture, Geology and Environmental Services, Rock Engineering, Rock Mechanics, Structural Engineering and Project Management. Additionally, we work with our partners to deliver building service technology design and field surveys.


FinnCobalt (aka Vulcan Hautalampi Oy) is a private Finnish company which owns the ground and all mining rights of the Hautalampi Cobalt-Nickel-Copper Mine. The Hautalampi Mine is located in Outokumpu town and has been previously known as the Cobalt-Nickel parallel of the historic Outokumpu (Keretti) Copper mine.

Geological Survey of Finland

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is a leading European competence centre on assessment and sustainable use of geological resources. We provide expertise that serves the interests of our clients, stakeholders and society as a whole. Working closely with our clients and partners, we create solutions that lead to new technologies and business areas, as well as promote sustainable growth.

M-Solutions Oy

M-Solutions Ltd. offers comprehensive ICT services and solutions that serve our customers in all stages of their business. We will refine the ever-growing amount of information into a big picture that is meaningful, up-to-date and easy to adopt, and helps enhancing the efficiency, productivity and safety of your business. Our expertise in for example systems, data management, enterprise architecture and ICT services will help bringing added value to our customers’ business development.

Markku Iljina GeoConsulting Oy

Dr. Markku Iljina, the founder of the company has 30 years post-graduation experience in mineral exploration and geological research. Experience includes supervision of field operations, planning and conducting of exploration projects 3-5 years in duration, conducting and participation in international research and mining community related projects. Past employers and hosting organisations include major Finnish mining and metals house Outokumpu Oy, Geological Survey of Finland, and private sector actors.

Ab Scandinavian Geopool Ltd

Ab Scandinavian GeoPool Ltd is a private exploration service- and product provider, offering a wide range of professional geological services in Fennoscandia and globally.

GeoPool provides field staff with years of experience in base- and precious metal exploration. We take care of all your needs prior to, during and after field work.

Astrock Oy

Astrock is a private, Finnish company acting in the fi eld of geophysics. The company was established in 1994 and is located in Sodankylä.

Astrock provides geophysical consulting covering wide range of methods
from airborne to ground and borehole geophysics. They also provide
geophysical instrumentation and surveys specializing in borehole
logging. OMS-logg borehole logging system is used in mines all
over the world and is famous for its reliability in harsh conditions.