Exploration, field work and logging

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Geological Survey of Finland

The Geological Survey of Finland (GTK) is a leading European competence centre on assessment and sustainable use of geological resources. We provide expertise that serves the interests of our clients, stakeholders and society as a whole. Working closely with our clients and partners, we create solutions that lead to new technologies and business areas, as well as promote sustainable growth.

Ab Scandinavian Geopool Ltd

Ab Scandinavian GeoPool Ltd is a private exploration service- and product provider, offering a wide range of professional geological services in Fennoscandia and globally.

GeoPool provides field staff with years of experience in base- and precious metal exploration. We take care of all your needs prior to, during and after field work.

Ima Engineering Ltd Oy

Ima Engineering's products and services can make the difference between profitability and loss for an operation seeking to improve information used by management. In the mines and concentrators IMA cutting edge sensor technology and on-line solutions can reduce waste rock dilution and ore losses, and by increasing the mill head grade these solutions gain net profit at 5% to 10%!