Environment and water management


  • 95% water recovery by closed water circulation
  • 24/7 on line and real time heavy metal monitoring system
  • 50% more dredging capacity by novel water area construction machinery
  • 3D tubing and pumping planning for tailing areas

Owatec Group Oy

OWA provides closed water circulation solutions for process and wastewater streams including metal recovery. Company provides also metal recovery solutions and service for the waste and side streams. OWA Show Room provides one of the largest testing and piloting facilities in EU for water and waste treatment and recycling.

Outotec Oy

Outotec’s role is to build, maintain and even run entire operations literally from the ground up. Sustainability is at the core of what we do. Leading technologies in two business units: Our offering is based on decades of technology leadership. We are dedicated to developing and tailoring sustainable technology solutions and life cycle services for our customers in two business units: Minerals Processing, and Metals, Energy & Water.


Flootech Oy

Flootech offers a wide range of technologies, process solutions and services for mining sector’s water, wastewater, and process water recycling with over 40 years of experience from water management. Our solutions are based on proprietary technologies developed through excellence in engineering and operational insight, as well as in close cooperation with our customers and partners.

EHP Environment Oy

EHP Environment designs on-line environmental monitoring and early warning systems for surface water, ground water, flow, and quality monitoring as well as meteorological monitoring. EHP's solutions are autonomous and can be installed practically anywhere. Our solutions operate all year-round everywhere. Measured environmental data can be sent to the server or to the client's own automation system.

Aquaminerals Finland OY Ltd

Aquaminerals provides state of the art and cost-effective solutions for wastewater treatment. Our company produces and delivers tailor-made adsorbents and portable dosing technology with reasonable CAPEX and OPEX. Aquaminerals offers an opportunity to reduce wastewater treatment costs and improve quality results. Aquamineral’s products can remove effectively e.g. arsenic, copper, manganese, nickel and NH4+.

Aquamec Oy - Watermaster

Aquamec develops, manufactures and markets amphibious multipurpose Watermaster dredgers. Watermaster's capabilities include suction dredging, backhoe dredging, raking and pile driving - all from dry ground to 6 meters depth. 30 years of continuous development. Over 300 references in over 70 countries worldwide.