• On-line measurement based process control from communition to concentration
  • Novel conditioning techniques before flotation
  • Effective mixing solutions
  • Novel power supply compensation

Ima Engineering Ltd Oy

Ima Engineering's products and services can make the difference between profitability and loss for an operation seeking to improve information used by management. In the mines and concentrators IMA cutting edge sensor technology and on-line solutions can reduce waste rock dilution and ore losses, and by increasing the mill head grade these solutions gain net profit at 5% to 10%!

Haarla Oy

Haarla Oy serves industrial processes with raw materials and technology. We are working in various customer application areas, such as mining and metal, food, coatings, inks and adhesives, construction and resins, pulp, paper and packaging, water and air, agri and more. Our mission is to ensure the maximum performance and customer benefits from the raw materials and technology we supply.

Global EcoProcess Services Oy

Global EcoProcess Services Oy’s patented technology is a unique solution for cost-efficient extraction of hazardous metals from mining and industrial process waters, rendering the extracted irreversibly insoluble metals by producing a completely harmless inert precipitate and purified clean water. EPSE technology extracts harmful metals with significantly lower operational and storage costs.

EHP Environment Oy

EHP Environment designs on-line environmental monitoring and early warning systems for surface water, ground water, flow, and quality monitoring as well as meteorological monitoring. EHP's solutions are autonomous and can be installed practically anywhere. Our solutions operate all year-round everywhere. Measured environmental data can be sent to the server or to the client's own automation system.


Dynaset is the global leading manufacturer of hydraulic generators, power washers and compressors. Dynaset hydraulic equipment converts the mobile machine's hydraulic power into electricity, high-pressure water, compressed air, magnet and vibration. Our company's products are used for hundreds of applications in various industries around the world.

Comatec Group

Comatec Group provides engineering design, project management and expert services for the technology industry, in particular for machine building. Our areas of expertise include mechanical, electrical and automation design as well as expert services, such as testing, technical calculations, product safety and life cycle services.