Mixing solutions

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Uutechnic Oy

Uutechnic Oy specializes in demanding mixing technology. We supply advanced mixing solutions and products for liquid-based processes worldwide, providing a valuable resource for our customers in all aspects of mixing technology.

Uutechnic® agitators for the mining industry: Heavy-duty top entry agitators for large slurry tanks, Agitators for conditioners and concentrate tanks, Agitators for chemical tanks.

Nakkilan Metalli Ltd Oy

For over 30 years Nakkilan Metalli has successfully designed and manufactured advanced agitators for various processes including flotation, leaching, precipitation, crystallization, oxidation and solvent extraction. This work has resulted in many new valuable innovations. Our specialists have more than 70 patented inventions in hydrometallurgy. Let us improve your process recovery and profitability.